Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey everyone! I'm having Internet problems, so the pictures will be coming soon!!!!!!!! Hopefully. Lets see, oh yeah! I made a mistake, we will be going on the tour TODAY not yesterday. Oops! Yesterday, I did about the same thing that I did for the past 2 days! Swim, read, T.V. Yesterday evening we went out for dinner at a place called American.............oh I don't remember with some of the people from the conference. It was very, very nice! The place where we ate had fountains, palm trees, flowers of all kinds, a fountain with fish and many many other things. We got there by walking, after getting lost half way there! However, we did walk through a older part of the city where most of the Jews live. The streets were narrow and full of trash, there were houses on top of the shops were the owners lived and there were some VERY small grocery stores which had half of the store outside! It was a kind of shock to go from seeing the newer part of the city and then all of a sudden seeing a lot older part! After a very good dinner, we went outside to wait for a taxi. After awhile 2 finally came to pick us up. The taxi's speed never dropped below 40, YIKES!! We arrived at the hotel around 12 where we crashed onto the bed, very tired. Hopefully I'll be able to show the pictures that we took yesterday! Tomorrow, I will give out a very long blog about the tour that we are going on today! See ya!

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  1. Glad to hear things continue to go well. It is hotter here in ABQ then Jerusalem - I just walked past a temp and it said 98 F. Whew. The boys are doing well - doing their fair share of fighting but, oh well. Devin has a new pool trick to show you and Mama.

    Be well my dear daughter