Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Day!!!!!!!

Greetings Friends! Today we traveled to Israel, or was it yesterday and today?? Dada, Flynn and Devin dropped us off at the airport in Albuquerque on Friday morning. After 12 hours, we were only still in New Jersey. How disappointing. Highlights of New Jersey included seeing the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty when flying in. Oh, and the Pigeon flying around the airport! And trading in our 20$ bills for 20-Sheckel bills. They are shiny and green, very pretty. And who is that guy on them? THEN we got on the big plane to Tel Aviv. Each person got their own entertainment system with games and 197 movies to choose from. We did indeed watch a few. After a meager dinner containing ravioli, a sad little salad and some cookies we did try to sleep--hahah. Finally they turned on the lights and brought breakfast at New Jersey breakfast time—omelet for Kaarina and Indian food for May. Now we are flying over Athens, Greece. In about I and half we will be arriving in Ben Gorion Airport in Tel Aviv where we will have to take a taxi to Jerusalem. The taxi ride was long and very beautiful. There were harbors of grape vines and orchards. They also seemed to grow sunflowers fields! The hotel that we are staying in is in a neighborhood that is very Jewish. The men wear black and around their waists they tie long strings which, are suppose to mean that they have a connection with God all the time. Anyway, I better go! The adventure has begun!

We miss you all; especially Dada, Flynn and the Devin-monster.


  1. Hi Kaarina,
    Glad you and mom made it safely to Israel. What a wonderful adventure. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Love, Karen

  2. Kaarina

    Awesome post - gotta run, Devin is hunggy


    Dada, Flynn and Devin