Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Three! Right now I'm sitting in the University with chemists allllllll around me, typing on a computer about our adventures yesterday. During the day, I hung around the motel room, reading, swimming and watching T.V. The pool at the hotel is AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice and cool! perfect for a hot day. That evening, my mom and I went shopping at a small outdoor "market". After eating pizza, not that great pizza! we went walking around shopping. Many of the stores on the street are shops FULL of JUNK! No offense shop owners. There are bead shops, clothing stores, antique shops full of good luck charms :), shops for beauty stuff all made from Dead Sea salt!, plant shops and many other ones. After we were done shopping, we went to go and get ice cream from a little shop. The flavors varied from Twix to Lemon-Mint ice cream. My mom got chocolate truffle, while I got lemon-mint and cherry chocolate. After we got our ice cream we walked back to our hotel. On the way back, we saw these gaurds with guns :(, kind of scary! Tomorrow afternoon we are going to tour Jerusalem, so the next blog will be more interesting AND have pictures! Shalom!

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  1. Nice post Kaarina. I am glad you are enjoying the pool and hope you are working on that 400 IM!

    Love you