Monday, July 12, 2010

Bus trip- around an hour through the desert. We saw camels, palm trees covered with dates, camels and small villages. The small villages were like Indian villages, they have a leader and they live and cabin like things made out of tin roofs and cardboard. When we got to Masada, which means fortress, we got out of the bus and walked into 115 degree heat! After riding up a cable car, like the one in the Sandia’s except a LOT shorter, we came to the fortress. This place was inhabited by Jews when the Romans wanted the Jews as slaves. A group of Jews escaped to the fortress to hide from the Romans. The Roman’s found out about the fortress and knocked over the walls that surrounded it. That night the Jews had to decide between death and slavery. They finally decided that death was the best choice and they killed themselves that night When the Romans invaded the “camp” they found the dead body’s of the Jews and a couple of women and children, still alive. After the tour, we went to a spa near the Dead Sea. There were some good parts and some bad parts of it. The good parts were that there was water and after an hour in the hot sunlight, that was very good! The bad part was the whole place smelled like sulfur. Yeck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other bad part was that the only water that was there was very warm which wasn't that refreshing. We went to the Dead Sea and floated around. The water was very, very warm when you stepped in and nearly burned off your angles, however the farther you walked out, the less warm it got. When we reached a deep place, I lay on my back and it was like floating on a water bed! After awhile, however the cuts that I had started to burn and sting. We spent the rest of the time at the spa in a very warm pool. So all in all, it was a pretty good day. More later!


  1. Just love reading about your day, Kaarina. Lovely pic of you!!

  2. Thanks Kaarina - we miss you and look forward to more posts from Israel. We might go see "Despicable Me" today - sorry. Or we might go for a bike ride and do stuff around here. As I write, the boys are fighting - what fun! I am sure that you miss that! So, things are good here. Devin slept the whole night through!

    Gotta run. Keep an open mind! And have fun.

    We love you

    Devin, Flynn and Dada

  3. Dear Kaarina
    I miss you alot I am excited to see you when you
    com back home.Dada Devin and I are going to see


  4. Hi, Kaarina, I love reading about your adventures, thanks for inviting me to view your blog. I'm going to show them to Grandma tonight. So what is that stuff in the top picture?

    Love, Auntie Rose

  5. Hi Kaarina! Awesome blog! I, too, have floated in the Dead Sea. Weird feeling- the bouancy. Also I found out about cuts and scratches I never knew I had!
    Have fun!